Quantum Energy Healing

Quantum energy is a form of energy healing, a safe, gentle, subtle, non-intrusive healing technique.


Quantum energy healing is a holistic therapy where the practitioner channels universal healing energy, and invites the client to match the frequency at a cellular level - intent is powerful. The healing energy is channelled for their highest good and to where it is needed most, be that physically, mentally, emotionally or spirituallly. The person 'recieving' energy may feel sensations of hot, cold, tingles waves of energy, some feel the need to release through laughter, tears, some will see colours - some may even experience nothing in the moment but later on. Everyons is so different, there is no one size fits all.

A section taken from the Journal of Restorative Medicine states:

Energy medicine” refers to several systems that work with energy fields of the body to help restore health. Many energy-related therapies challenge the current biomedical paradigm because they cannot be explained by conventional biochemical or physiological mechanisms. Quantum physics is a better paradigm with which to understand these therapies’ you can read more from this article here.

You maybe holding onto trauma energy subconciously, without even being aware. This is not just physical trauma but also emotional and/ or mental too. It may be from adulthood, childhood or even both.

If left unhealed this trauma energy can and will eventually manifest in your physical or mental body as dis-ease,


Quantum energy healing can also be used to bring balance to this energy, transmuting it from a dense, stagnant energy into a light energy that can flow and be released. Quantum energy can treat physical ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage. It is a holistic system that can also be used to bring balance, healing and harmony to all aspects of a person, body, mind, emotions and spirit. It also encourages personal and spiritual awareness and growth.

Energy healing can be done in person or from a distance. Energy is all there is and everywhere. Like you, energy has no limits only the ones you set.

Quantum energy healing is offered by Wellness wagon on a one to one basis currently onyl distance healing. This can be booked as a one off session and is also offered through online programmes.

You can book one to one sessions below or find out more about our online programmes.

Energy Body

Within your physical body, you have an energetic body, part of that is called your Chakras, you also have an energetic field around your body called your 'Aura'. These energetic bodies can become out of balance with everyday life, stresses and traumas, emotionally, physically and psychologically. Each chakra in your energy body is connected to a part of your physical, mental and emotional body. By bringing balance to your chakras, you are begining to balance the rest of your being.

Bringing balance to my energy body has been a huge part of my healing from weight loss, bulimia and fibromyalgia. Bringing balance into my energy body has given me confidence and self worth, self love and self esteem. It has allowed me to implement boundaries without fear and heal from the inside, out..

Group distance energy healing sessions

Wellness wagon is looking to offer group energy healing sessions. We can completed one in that past which went very well.

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