Sustainable weight loss

Sustainable weight loss means losing excess fat at a steady, healthy rate through proper nutrition and exercise. All the ‘hacks,’ Fad diets, ‘magic’ pills, and potions are a waste of time, energy, and money and, more importantly, can cause more harm than good to your physical and mental well-being.

I know what you are thinking. I can not do it ‘properly’ as I have tried before. I know how you feel…. because so did I…

Losing weight is not easy. If it was known, one would be obese and want to lose weight. But as I found out, when you heal inside, everything is easy. Know your worth. I can show you how.

Here at Wellness Wagon we offer a few different ways to help, support and guide you on your weight loss journey.

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Personalised weight loss 

If you are looking for something a bit more personalised and for more support and guidance over a longer period of time I can still help you1

I offer one to one programmes designed specifically for you, to meet your needs, be that 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 24 weeks, even a year long. One to one programmes are whatever you need them to be!

All online programmes have a Holistic apprach which inlcudes nutrition, exercise, energy work, inner trauma work. Finding the root cause of the problem and working on it together!

If you are keen to get working together one to one book a free, no obligation consultation below.

Weight loss and your energy body

If you are a comfort eater, emotional eater, boredom eater, over eater 'can't stop' eater then you may well be covering up some kind of emotional, phyisical or mental past trauma! It could be that you have lost your self worth, just no longer know your worth. It could be an experience from childhood, adulthood,  whatever the cause of your weight gain, we will find the root of the issue and bring healing to your entire being.

An imbalance in your root chakra could lead to you having no or low self worth, depression, feel emotionally needy. This chakra is also connected directly to your metabolism.

An imbalance in your sacral chakra can lead to feeling emotionally unbalanced, putting yourself down, not believeing you can do it - before you even start!

An imbalance in your solar-plexus chakra can manifest in your physical body. You may be filled with self-doubt, self-hatred and a sense of inadequacy.

An imbalance in your heart chakra can manifest as no love for yourself and feel unworthy of happiness or health!

An imbalance in your throat chakra will effect your thyroid gland which is connected to your hormones and metabolism. You may feel unheard, unseen and like your voice doesn't matter.

As you can see, your energy body - chakra's are connected to your entire being. An imbalance in one will lead to an imbalance in another, Each one is connected to a physical, mental and emotional part of your being, 

By bringing balance to your energy body you will bring balance to your physical, mental and emotional too,

This programme is an 8 week online programme where we work on a chakra a week, starting with the root and working our way up. You can read more on this programme below.

My weight loss journey

Almost 12 years since my pregnancy, I am pleased to report I have been a size 10 since losing my excess baby weight! During this time I have recovered from bulimia and gained control of my fibromyalgia, all through holistic healing.

I had tried every fad diet, every ‘magic’ fat loss pill and potion, body wraps, anything for fat loss, anything to achieve the ‘dream body’. I can assure you, the only thing that actually works AND is good for your health, physically and mentally, is eating nutrient-rich foods, finding an exercise you love and doing your inner, healing work. Healing any wounds and traumas you are holding onto. Maybe even subconsciously, but what I have learned working with lots of ladies on their weight loss journey is that there are normally reasons why you overeat and comfort eat – consciously or subconsciously!

The reason most people lose weight, and then gain it back is because they have not healed their reason why or due to being too restrictive when ‘dieting’! The ‘why’ you gained weight in the first place! For some people, it is comfort, a way to distract from the inner hurt, hidden pain, a way to control boredom. Whatever the reason, if this is left unhealed, the chances are you will gain the weight again, or, not even lose it in the first place!

Your fat loss journey isn’t just about your physical body, but your mental and energetic bodies too!

All past traumas no matter how insignificant you may think they are if they are left unhealed can manifest as something much bigger! Your body holds onto everything you have experienced, like a diary. If you leave a page unfinished, it’s always ‘open’ it has no ending! (I hope this makes sense, it does in my head!) it is the same with your past traumas. If you can heal from the inside, it shows on the outside!

If you feel drawn to work with me on your weight loss journey, you have a couple of options. A One-to-one on a personalised programme to meet your needs, or you can join21 days – to mindful eating.

If you would like to know more about working together one to one please book a free, no obligation consultation below. To join the 21 day programme follow the link here.

21 days mindful fat loss

21 days is all it takes to form new, healthy habits!

This 21-day mindful eating programme will give you the blueprint and all the tools you need to kick start your fat loss journey, the motivation to continue after, and be sustainable, for life! 

During the 21 days, you'll learn about nutrition, and what you need to thrive!

Eating intuitively, connecting body and mind. Daily affirmations, goals, motivation and accountability, meal plans with tasty, healthy recipes.

Try different types of at-home workouts, from stretch & strengthen to laughter yoga.

Weekly coaching calls. and energy healing. Release blockages you may have and 'diets'.

You will also be added to a community of like-minded ladies, smashing their fitness journey! You'll have forever access to all the course content!

The challenge starts every Monday, but spaces are limited!

 If you are ready to get results this is for you!