Online Holistic Health programme

Seeking a wholesome approach to healing? Hop on the Wellness Wagon. Our holistic approach to healing means you heal from the inside out, causing the root cause of your issues. Healing as a whole. Mind, body and soul.

21 day series:

Here at Wellness wagon we have programmes to suit all budgets, and options to suit all needs.

Our popular 21 day programmes are pre made programmes which included:

The 21-days to alkalinle and 21 days to fibromyalgia series has now been revamped and is now one programme '21 days to total reset'. This has all the benefits of the 21 days to alkaline and 21 days to fit with fibro. Including healing your gut health, boosting your energy naturally fighting fatigue, mental clarity and lessened brain fog, reduced inflammation and acidosis, in return reducing pain, better sleep, more focus, mindful eating, weight loss and so much more! 

Total reset is designed to give you the tools you need for healing, long term! This has been created to be affordable to all budgets and still rammed full of value!

21 days total reset programme has daily goals, affirmations and accountability to ensure you stay motivated and on track to building a 'better' future version of you! Alkaline meal plans, recipes and juices books, exercises  to suit your goals and abilities connected body, mind and breath, laughter yoga to boost your mood help give you pain relief and generally feel amazing,  plus coaching calls with distance energy healing.

This programmes focus on healing as a whole! Mind, body, emotions and soul! This makes the results sustainable and long term!

Why 21 days?

21 days is the length of time needed for your brain to re-wire, form new habits, get you into a routine and see results! Stay motivated with forever access to the course content.

How does it work?

Choose your tier - the 21 days now comes in 2 Tiers:

Tier 1 - The programme including group coaching calls and distance energy healing.

Tier 2 - The programme with weekly one to one coaching calls to suit you.

Once booked onto your chosen programme you will receive an email to download Wellness Wagon's app. You will complete a medical form then the programme will start on the next, upcoming Monday!

You will be added to a group of ladies on o have been on a 21 day programme, this also helps with motivation and support! After 21 days you will still have accesss to the group and content!

If you have tried all the fad diets, magic potions, pills and fed up of 'staring again Monday' this is for you!

Total balance

Total balance is an 8 week programme designed to help you heal as a whole, bringing balance to your chakra's, Your energy body, in turn bringing balacne to your entire being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Learn how to feel your emotions, work with them, transmute negatives into positives, release and let go of what does not serve you, heal any trauma you maybe holding onto, conciously or subconsiously from childhood or adulthood, learn to love yourself and pur yourself first. Be the best version of you! 

Each week we work on a chakra, starting off at your root chakra and progressing upto to your crown . On week 8 we work on any area you feel you need more help with.

Learn all the tools and techniques to start balancing and healing yourself. From foods, scents, exercises and so much more! You will recieve daily affirmations, mantra's goals, motivation and accountability. Weekly coahcing calls and distance energy healing sessions, 24/7 support and guidance. Everything you need to balance and heal your entire being.

Once you have an understand of your chakra boy and how to baance it you are set for life!

Currently running on a 'pay a fair price' basis. You can book on below or book a free, no obligation consultation for any questions you may have.

One to one

If you would like to work on something together on a one to one basis please reach out. Programmes can be built specifically for you to reach our goal. Be that weight loss, fibromyalgia, bulimia, mental health. HWatver your healing needs, Wellness wagon has got you!

Book a free, no obligation consultation below