Bulimia, body dysmorphia and eating disorders

My story and how i healed.

Aged 19 I lost a lot of weight but only dealt with my physical appearance. not the root cause of the over eating or comfort eatin, the use of food as a coping tool. This is why i believe, y weight loss journey ended with bulimia and body dysmorphia.

Comfort eating then purging, it got to the point of making myself sick every time i ate in the fear of gaining 'more' weight. I truely beieved I still looked a size 22 - the biggest size i got too.=, but i still 'needed' the comfort of food. I thought I had control of the bulimia, until i realised I couldn't stop.

I went to the G.P who gave me medication - this did nothing for me excet make me feel numb, It did not help with the bulimia, nor the dysmorphia. I was then refered for CBT and councilling - again this did nothing for me. I was in such a dark place I remeber sitting opposite the lady and thinking 'How can you tell me nayting about controling my food and urges' she looked around a size 22+ (I was progjevtin my own trauma onto her!)

This started before I had my daughter. When i was preganat I instantly stopped purging, I knew this was the health of my baby at stake now not just mine. When shes was 6 months old, I had lost all the baby weight I had gained, all 4 stone. I had the unhealthy mindset of 'I'm getting bigger anyway, I had may as well eat'. 

Back in my pre baby clothes the bulimia and body dysmorphia reappeared. I was in a toxic relationship and used food and bingeing as a comfort again.

I finally built the stregnth to leave the relationship and started healing inside out. Started diggin deep, finding the root cause of my mental dis-ease and started healing holistically. I alchemised that dense, toxic, trauma energy into a lilght energy that was abe to flow and be released - energy can not be destroyed, ony changed.

The start of healing my mental body came when I started balancing my energy body, my chakra's.

I have now been around 6 years without purging, without bingeing. It hasn't been easy and I have on occasion had 'the thoughts' but awarenss has helped me maintain my healing. I am now confident I am in a position to help others with this mental dis-ease start their healing journey too.

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