Clean supplements you can trust.

Supplements such as vitamins and minerals can be a minefield!

I have spent a long time looking into the different types of supplements. I have read many studies on the different types. Synthetic or natural supplements?! This is a big questions! Are there any difference between synthetic and natural supplements? In short, yes!

Many Dr's may argue this and say there are no differnece, but the actual studies and science suggests otherwise!

The main difference between synthetic and natural vitamins and minerals is the bioavailablity due to the structure of the vitmin or mineral. This is such a huge factor, yet not spoken about! Yet studies confirm this to be true. One of which you can read here.

difference between synthetic and natural suppements

Bioavailablity is how well your body absorbs and uses the supplements. Synthetic supplements actually seem to be causing more harm than good according to one study conducted in California which you can read here. Your body does not know what to do with the synthetic ingredients, your body is unable to absorb them, digest them or excrete them therefore they stay stored in your soft tissues, potentially causing or worsening diseases.

If you take a vitamin or mineral supplement you are taking it to benefit your health. Would you take them if you knew they were actually, potetially cause disease and ill health long term?!

The sad thing about supplements is that the pill may contain 100% of your RDA, but your body may only abosrb upto 8% of the vitamin or mineral! This is due to the synthetic supplement not being bioavailable to your body. But not ony that, these supplements are then also filled with snthetic ingredients such as fillers, bulkers, binders anti caking agents and other 'stuff' that doesn't benefit your hrealth. 

This blew my mind when i started looking into it. It also made me determined to find a clean, bioavailable alternative to the sythetic ones so your body actually benefits from the supplement and isnt't made worse by it.

The good news is..... I found some!!!

All the vitamins, minerals and supplements I share are clean! No added nasties, everything natural, from earth made for your body and third party tested so you know it contains what it says it contains.

Everything I share is what i personally use, or would use. All plant based, vegan and 100% bioavilable. As everything is food state, sourced from food your body knows what to do with it, how to use it and actually benefits from using them. It does not have to waste energy trying to get rid of the nasties. because they do not contain any!

What vitamins and minerals do what?

Each vitamin and mineral has endless health properties and health benefits. Below is a brief description of each supplements benefits. 

You can download a freebie too, full of details for each vitamin and mineral.

Signs and symptoms of a magnesium deficency  food extract magnesium

Magnesium is an essential mineral with over 300 jobs in the human body. 

Signs and symptomms of a Magnesium deficency include:  issues such as muscle spasms, cramps aches and pains. It can cause Insomnia, fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, brain fog nausea and vommiting. Shaking, pins and needles and abnormal heart rhythem are all signs and symptoms of a magnesium deficency . Without magnesium you may find our stress levels high too - magnesium helps reduce cortisol the stress hormone. It is also a key player in cognitive funtion and brain health!

This is a super important mineral that aids our body in abosrbing other vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D. If you have a deficency in magnesium, chances are you have other deficencies too unfortunatley it is estimated over 75% of the population is magnesium deficicent.

Magnesium is a naturally occuring mineral is foods such as pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, almonds, chasews and spinach.

Unfortunatlety, even with a healthy lifestyle and diet, you can still be deficenct in magnesium. This is due to the our soils being over farmed and depleated of nutrition,  also due to GMO foods that we consume. If you drink cafein, have poor gut health, digestive issues such as chrons, IBS or IBD you may not be abosrbing magenesium either. Some medications such as fluid tablets, ulcer or relfux medications also cause magnesium deficencies. If you suffer with kidney problems, alcoholism o type 2 diabetes you may also be magnesium deficent. 

Magnesium deficency is very common. You can check if you have a magnesium deficeny with your GP who may run blood tests if you have symptoms such as weakness, irritability, abnormal heart beat, long term nausea or diarrhoea.

Here is a link to Eathier magnesium, the only brand I have found that clean, no GMo, no pestisides, no fillers, no bulkers and no binders. This magnesium is 100% food extract and nothing else making it 100% bioavailable, 100% plant based, even the capsuel itself is made from bamboo cellulose and water! As this magensium is made from 100% food your body knowns what to do with it and there are no nasties for your body to get rid of meaning your body uses all of it, no waste!

signs and symptoms of a zinc deficeny food extract organic zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral. It plays a key role in your immune system and metabolism.It also helps wounds heal and is responsible for normaly gorwth in babies, children and adolescence.

Signs and sumptoms of a zinc deficency can include a rash that initally looks similar to eczema but doesn't get any better with steroids or moisturising. It may appear cracked or have a glazed appearance on skin around the mouth, nappy area and hands.

Other sign and symptoms of a zinc deficency includes hair loss, change in nail healht, diarrhoea, feeling irritable loss os appetite, impotence, eye issues, weight loss, and  a lack of taste or smell.

People who have gut health issues, gastro issues, older people and diets low in protein can cause a zinc deficency. Protein is required for zic to be absorbed.

Foods high in zinc include pumpkin seeds, cheese, almonds and chickpeas.

For a zinc supplement free of GMO's, pesticides, fillers, bulkers and binder, you can get Earthier zinc - organic food extract with no synthetic nasties meaning it is bioavailable from the ilnk below.

Signs and symptoms vitamin D deficency

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, it can be stored in your body fat. There are two types of D vitamin. D2- erojocalciferol which comes from plants and D3 - cholecaferol which  your body naturally synthesis from UV sunlight - Synthetic D3 chloecalciferol is  not something I would personally recommend.

People in care homes or hospital are at higher risk of a vitamin D deficency due to lack of sunlight, as are those with digestive isssues, gastro issues and menopausal ladies. Those who are on epilepsy medications are prone to vitamin D deficency due to the meds.

During the winter months when you are exposed to less sunlight it makess sense you may appear with a Vitmain D deficency.

Blood tests can confirm a vitamin D deficency, there are not many signs and symptoms of  a vitamin D deficency. An ongoingVitamin D deficency can cause osteoporosis, bone and joint pain, rickets, weak immune system, and fractures. Vitmain D deficency also usually means a calcium defency as vitamin D is required for calcium absorption - however synthetic D3 can cause toxicity

hypercalcemia and an imbalance in the regulation of bone metabolism; the resultant hypercalcemia leads to clinical manifestations and symptoms of toxicity.

Folic acid, also known as folate or B9 helps your body grow, repiar and develop at a cellular level. It is especially important for pregnant ladies to prevent abnormalities in brain and spinal cord.

Food sources of B9 includes spinach, legumes, rice, avocado and oragnes. A B9 deficnecy can show as extreme fatigue, headaches, pale skin and sore in your mouth. B9 deficit will show up in a blood test, but if you consume too much B9 you will excrete the excess.

This is vitamin D2 from plants, Not to be confused with D3 chloecalciferol a synthetic 'vitamin' also used as a rat poision....

If you would like a clean Vitamin D and B9 supplement free of GMO, pestisides, fillers, bulkers and binders you can purcahse some from the link below.

Signs and symptoms of a vitamin B complex deficency

Vitamin B complex contains 8 B vitamins. B vitamins are water soluble meaning they need to be consumed regularly to prevent a defecit. B vitamins play a role in metabolising food into energy and a player in cellular growth for DNA, hair, nails, skin, eyes and nerve system. Playing a role in cardiovasular system  and brain health. As B vitamins are water soluble any excess will be urinated out. 

Signs and symptoms of a vitamin B complex deficency includes fatigue, weakness, a=and lack of energy. Numbness or tingling in hands and feet. Weak muscles and slow reflexes including shakiness with walking or difficulty keeping balance.

Vitamin B complex can be found fortified in animal products, green vegetables and nuts. For a clean Vitamin B complex, containing no synthetic fillers,  bulkers, binders,  anti-caking agents, thickening agents, GMO's, pesticides - A vitamin B complex that is pure food extract, nothing but food extract, follow the link below.


Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin, it helps keep your body's blood and nerve cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all of your cells.

Signs and symptoms of a Vitamin B12 deficency includes extreme tiredness, a lack of energy. fatigue, pins and needles, numbness, a sore and red tongue, mouth ulcers, muscle weakness, problems with your vision, fast heart rate, psychological problems, which can range from mild depression or anxiety to confusion and dementia.

it used to be found in our soils, due to the depletion of nutrients in our soils it is now added to animal products. It can be found in mushrooms, beets, apples and mangos, but watch out for pesticides and GMO's.

If you would like to add a B12 supplement to your day I would recommened this one by Earthier, it contains pure b12 extracted from food, no nasty synthetic, carcinogenics or junk! 


Selenium is a super powerful antioxidant with endless health properties.

Selenium helps maintain healthy reporductive system. Boosts metabloism and immune system function. Helps improve hair, nails and skin. Protects cells from free radical and damange, helps with DNA synthesis.Supports health of thyroid due to idoine contect and studies also show 100mg a day can help prevent prostate cancer..

Those with chrons and HIV appear to have low levels of selenium. People with poor ut health, gasto issues and undergoing kidney dialysis seem to be at higher risk of a selenium deficency.

Selenium is naturally found in foods such as brazil nuts, walnuts, grains and tuna - if you do not eat these foods refularly you may benefit adding selenium supplemet. 

Signs and symptoms of a selenium deficnecy can cause include Kahin beck disease, male infertility, osteoarthritis - higher risk of disease such as cancer, cardiovasular issues and poor cognitive funstion. Infants with a selenium deficency have an increased risk of cretinism.More signs and symptoms of a selenium deficency include infertility in men and women, muscle weakness, fatigue, mental fog, hair loss, weakened immune system.

You can add Earthier selenium to your day - food extract with no nasties. GMO free, pesticide free, no fillers, binders or bulkers from the link below.

benefits of sea kelp organic sea kelp

Sea kelp has endless healh properties due to its dense nutritional content. Some vitamins and minerals found in sea kelp inlcude Vitamin K, A, E and C, Vitamin B-12 and B6, calcium, iron and magnesium.

Sea kelp helps promote weight loss due to containing a compound called alginate. Alginate prevents your body from absorbing upto 72% of fats consumed through your diet. 

Benefits of sea kelp  include, maintain healthy thyroid due to it's rich iodine content. Good for skin health, prevents brain fog, boosts energy levels, mintains normal nerve function, aids digestion, eases constipcation. Prevents hair loss, promotes nail health, blood vessel health and metabolism. Sea kelp also contains vanadium which helps prevent type 2 diabetes.

To get yourself some organic sea kelp that is free from GMO, pestisides and with zero added nasties you can get yourself some from Earthier via the link below.


Silica is a water soluble mineral with many health benefits. As water soluble it needs to be eaten daily or supplemented daily to maintain the benefits.

The health benefits of silica include maintaining health heart, lowering cholesterol and prevents hardening of arteries. Silica supports healthy skin, hair and nails. Boosts bone health and improves joint health. Silica helps rebuild gut health after damage from poor diet, parasites and general aging. Silica helps build healthy stomach muscles and tissue helping reduce digestive disorders. Silica also boosts immune system and helps alzheimers. Silica also naturally helps your body detox heavy metals and flush out waste.

Sign and symptoms of a silica deficency includes such as wrinkles and sagging skin, excess wear on joints, bone weakness, frequent injuries, dull hait and hair loss, britte nails and sensitive teeth.

Naturally found in foods such as green beans, nuts, bell peppers, spinach and anpples. If you do not consume these foods daily you may want to consider adding a quality silica supplement like this one from Earthier.

Earthier Silica contains nothing but organic food extract. No fillers, bulkers, binder r anti-caking agents so no waste for your body to try getting rid of! You can get yours from the link below.

CBD is a gift from nature with endless healing properties.

Your body contains cannabinoid receptors, endocannabinoid system. This is responsible for your body maintain a state of homeostasis -the fine art of balancing hormones, immune functions, metabolism, sleep, and stress responses.

CBD oil is shown to reduce inflmmation, help lower pain as well as anxiety and seizures to name a few!

CBD oil comes in different forms - the 'best' in my opinion is full spectrum CBD oil - full spectrum contains all the different types of cannabinoids unlike isolate which contains one type of cannabinois - CBD. Broad spectrum that contains a couple more, then full spectrum which contains all. Full spectrum offers the most healing properties.

CBDNA cbd oil is made using the Sativa L plant which again, offers more benefits and is made using the entire plnat, not just the seed - so offers you top quality! 

You can find many types of CBD products here from oils, vapes to topical creams/ gels

Ashwaghanda, Black seed oil, Moringa seeds, brahmi and more!

Ashwaghanda is a root that has endless healing properties. It helps Boosts energy. increases strength Reduce stress by lowering cortisol. Protects your brain &nerve cells

Black seed oil is magical with endless healing properties. Black Seed Oil includes omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids and vital minerals including selenium, zinc, iron, copper, calcium minerals and E vitamin at a high rate. Some health benefits of black seed oil lincludes: Helps burn fat to support weight loss, Nourishes hair and skin, Reduces neuroinflammation.

Organic Moringa has been praised for its health benefits and medicinal properties for thousands of years. With astaggering 92 nutrients and 46 natural antioxidants moringa seeds can be described as Nature's multivitamin tablet.

Some benefits of Moringa seed includes:Detoxify your body. Boost you immune system. Increase energy & reducefatigue

Brahmi health benefits include: Reduce ADHD symptoms. Reduce stress by lowering cortisol. Enhance learning capacity promotingbrain nerve cell growth.

Wildcraft sun dried Seamoss from the Indian Ocean from the coast of Zanzibar. Contains over 92 of the 102 mineralsyour body needs. Sea moss has endless health benefits, including prebiotics to Improve gut health. Nourish your skin and hair. Supports weight loss.

Shilajit is a herbo-mineral that forms naturally in the Himalayan mountains, It is known as the destroyer ofweakness! It Increase energy muscle recovery. Protect against cognitive disease. Slows down aging.

Water Distiller

Empty capsuels

Some products I use such as essential oils, shilajit and black seed oil, do not taste too great. So i use these capsuels by 'The good guru' to add supplements too so i can reep the benefits without the taste!

These are vegan capsuels made using plant cellulose, no nasties added!

Essential oils

Ancient medicine

This essential oil book, is my essential oils 'bible'. This contains everything you need to  know about essential oils.

The healing benefits - backed by science. The traditional uses of essential oils. The safe oils for babies, pregnancy and pets!

If you have a physical or mental health issue- there is an oil for it!

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