Fibromyalgia & diet

A recent study into fibromyalgia shows that it may indeed be an autoimmune disease rather than a previously believed, neurological disorder.

This indiciating that an alkline diet may help improve fibromyalgia symptoms. Although there are no direct studies yet, between fibromyalgia and an alkaline diet. There are studies into fibromyalgia and foods that are considered acidic - such as aspartame.

I can talk from my own experience and that of the ladies I have worked with - an alkaline detox has been a key part of healing gut health and relief from fibromyalgia symptoms!

After 3 weeks of doing an alklaine detox, myself and other fibro fighters (including a specialist Chronic pain nurse)  all reported significant reduction in inflammation, increase in energy and less fatigue. Mental clarity and improved attention span, plus a reduction in 'normal' daily pain! Magic! Poor gut health has also been linked to fibromyalgia symptoms.

At the time of writing this, I myself have been over 4 years without a fibromyalgia flaire up, fibromyalgia symptoms and without any fibromyalgia medications! There are a few factors for this, diet, functional movements and building up strength, but also quantum energy healing - healing trauma energy. I have put together a 3 week programme- 21 days to fit with firbo - this helps prevent fatigue, brain fog, inflammation, pain and a cheeky side effect of weight loss.

If you are ready to take control of your fibromyalgia symptoms and get your life back, the 21 days  is the best place to start.

Your future self will thank you!