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An alkaline diet was first discovered by Dr Sebi, a herbalist who healed many people, from many diseases through nutrition alone. An alkaline diet has many, many health benefits including reduction of acidosis, fatigue, inflammation, brain fog, weight loss and so much more.

Acidosis is an excess build-up of carbon dioxide, this manifests into carbon acid. Excess is stored in your soft tissues. If left this will turn into chronic inflammation which is believed to be the cause of all major dis-ease. Symptoms of acidosis include fatigue, migraines, weight gain, Cardiovascular disease, chronic dis-ease of the body, mind and many other conditions. The alkaline diet was a huge part of my healing journey (alkaline detox + Fibromyalgia)

Eating an alkaline diet can result in an improvement in bone mineral density and muscle mass, protection against chronic illnesses, reduction in tumor-cell invasion and metastasis and effective excretion of toxins from the body. It can also boost your immune system and metabolism resulting in maintaining a healthy weight and possibly helping prevent and heal autoimmune dis-ease too!

In addition, studies show drinking alkaline water lowers incidences of coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Consuming alkaline water may also prevent osteoporosis and protect beta cells with its antioxidant effects. (reference

Want to know more about alkaline foods and their healing benefits? Pop over to 'freebies' the PDF below ‘Ten top alkaline foods to cleanse your blood and heal your body’. If you are ready to go alkaline and would like alkaline recipes, guidance, support motivation check out '21 days to alkalne' An alkaline detox - Going alkaline made easy.

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If you would like to try going alkalkine to start your healing journey, heal your gut health, boost your energy, reduce inflammation and so much more, check out the alkaline options that are on offer at Wellness Wagon.

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