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Experts in Holistic healing Fibromyalgia, Bulimia, Body dysmorphia, Sustainalble weight loss


If you are ready to take back control of your life, and no longer want Fibromyalgia controling yours - this is for you!

Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condiitoni with, what feels like endless symptoms.

At the time of writing this all Dr's offer for Fibromyalgia symptoms are medications. Sadly these rarely work for firbo fighters. Just cause more symptoms.

Nature has everything we need to thrive. Nature and healig trauma energy has enabled me to be over 4 years without medications, without flare ups and without Dr's. I now help others to do the same!

sustainable weight loss, healthy weight loss

Bulimia, Body dysmorphia 

Balancing mind, body, emotions, energy and soul.

Bulimia is usually a subconcious coping mechanism, when we loose control of different areas of life.

Dr's prescribe medications, councilling and some times CBT. These rarely seem to help long term.

Bringing balance to your emotions, learning how to cotrol your reactions to situations and healing trauma energy can all help long term healnig of mental dis-ease and eating disorders.

I myself was bulimic for years and years, also formed body dysmorphia after not truely healing inside when I lost weight.

I now help others in the same situation using holistic tools, therapies and treatments.

Fibromyalgia relief, fibromyalgia symptoms

Sustainable weight loss

If you are sick of 'starting again Monday' this is for you. 

Weight loss can feel impossible, especially if you are a yo-yo dieter! 

Shed a few pounds in the first week or two, then gain it all back, plus some more!

If weight loss was easy then no one would be obese... But it can be easy.... Find your self worth, the reason 'why' you are over weight. Unable to control urges, comfort eater. Whatever it is we can get to the bottom of it together and heal inside, out!

healing for bulimia body dysmorphia eating disorders mental illness

Our Holistic Services

Wellness wagon offer individual services as well as packages.

Whatever your needs we can help you!

If you are unable to find what you are looking for - please reach out on the form at the bottom of this page.

Vegan & alkaline nutrition 

Certified vegan nutritionist with a specialist intereset in an alkaline diet -

Wellness wagon offers everything from personalised food plans for fat loss, going vegan, iron deficencies or healing from different forms of dis-ease - physical or mental.


Meditations have been used forever - since the start of documentation!

Meditations help with body, mind and energy.

An amazing tool to take back your power, heal your self worth and bring balance to yur mind - helping relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

Chakra balancing

You are more than just a physical body. You have a physical body, but you also have an energetic body - part of your energy body is known as your chakra's.

These are connected to all of you, 

Physically, mentally, emotionally - an imbalanve in your chakra's can manifest as dis-ease in any of these areas. If left unhealed the dis-ease normally spreads.

Quantum energy healing

Similar to reiki but without using symbols to call in healing energy.

Quantum energy healing helps to bring balance into your physical, mental or emotional bodies. 

Quantum energy healing can also help you on your spiritual journey.

Laughter yoga

Laughter is soul food - and medicine!

Your brain is unable to tell the difference between fake and real laughter - so even fake laughing improves your mood for the day, lowers stress levels, helps reduce blood pressure as your brain releases happy hormones! 

Essential oils

Essential oils are littlt bottles of magic - gifts from nature.

These are super potent oils that have the ability to bring balance to your entire being. Heal your phyical, sooth your emotional and strengthen your mental.

Not all oils are the same, not all oils can be ingested. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please reach out.

Crystal energy healing

Gifts from nature - crystals are gifts from the earth. Their frequency and energy changes yours when placed into yur energy field. 

Different crystals have different healing properties and help with different

dis-ease, physically and mentally.

Personal training


Certified personal trainer, child and pre and post natal instructor.

Whatever your physical goals are you have come to the right place. 

Personalised programmes, on and offline - part of packages or as individual sessoins or classes. Whatever suits you needs, we got you!


Most people add supplements to their day to help improve their health.

What we are not told is that not all supplements actualy benefit your health - long term.

Synthetic suplements can cause further disease the more you take them

There is science with this too but know one is talkling about it!

Stress, anxiety & depression

These are all feelings and emotions, all of which are perfectly normal to experienece.

Usually we experience these due to circumstances in our physical environment.

Learning how to coppe with tese emotions, what we can do to help reduce these or to control them is key.
Some supplements also help bring balance into the chemmicals in your brain. Nature has the answers for you!


Online programmes

Whatever your goal there is a anlinle programme to help you and seomthing for every budget!

Sustainable weight loss, balancing your chakra's, healing fibromyalgia symptoms, controlling bulimia. Whatever your goal Wellness wagon can help you!

From 21 day detox - starter programmes upto 8 week chakra work and personaised programmes to suit yout needs!

Are you ready to heal? Ready to take back control of your life?