Essential oils for fibromyalgia symptoms

Essential oils are magic in a bottle! The original pain relief, a gift from nature to mankind. Most man-made, synthetic medications are based on natural compounds found in essential oils. Man makes what nature naturally provides - only nature has NO side effects! 

Essential oils have been a massive part of my fibro-fighting journey. I often get asked which oils I recommend for fibromyalgia symptoms. So here are the - in my opinion - best oils for fibromyalgia symptoms and the why's!


frankincense for fibromyalgia symptoms natural relief

Frankincense is shown to decrease muscle pain and supports the healing of nerve tissue. A pure therapeutic-grade essential oil can be applied topically to the area of pain. Mix 3 drops of frankincense with a carrier oil, then massage into the muscles for fast-acting pain relief and anti-inflammatory.

Pure Frankincense can be taken internally - best to use veggie caps for this.

Studies show that frankincense has immune-enhancing properties, activating T-cells.

You can also use Frankincense in your bath to

promote relaxation and pain relief. Just add a

few drops to some Epsom salts.

You can read more benefits of Frankincense here.


turmeric fibromyalgia symptoms

Turmeric is a spice you may be familiar with. The oil is far more potent than the powder you cook with! Turmeric contains compounds that reduce inflammation and support healthy muscles and nerves.

Like Frankincense, Pure therapeutic-grade turmeric can be applied topically with a carrier oil and massaged into the joint or inflamed area.

It can also or taken internally either adding to food,

taken in a veggie capsule or added to hot water to

help settle IBS.

Turmeric has also been shown to relieve 

depression and anxiety. You can add turmeric to

pressure points with a carrier oil or diffuse it in your



Peppermint is a magical oil that offers natural relief to many fibromyalgia symptoms. The benefits are many! Peppermint is an oil used daily in my home, mainly as toothpaste, but other benefits include...

Natural remedy for IBS, peppermint essential oil helps to relax muscles in the intestines, and reduce gas and bloating. You can apply it topically - mixed with a carrier oil and massaged into the abdomen. Diffuse and inhale or take it internally - ensure you use an oil that is suitable for ingestion!

Peppermint is a natural energy booster, invigorating and stimulating It can help fight chronic fatigue and improve concentration. For these benefits, you can apply topically to your wrists and back of your neck or diffuse and inhale!

The best use of peppermint oil for fibromyalgia has to be its ability to relax, and reduce pain in the muscles! Simply mix with a carrier oil then massage it into the muscles for almost instant relief! You can also mix with Epsom salts and add them to a bath for full body relaxation and relief! 

You can read more about peppermint oil here.

peppermint essential oil for fibromyalgia symptoms


Lavender contains properties that help relieve tension and pain which is great news for thse wanting natural relief from fibromyalgia symptoms.

A 2013 study showed taking lavender oil internally alleviated insomnia, anxiety and depression. Another study showed lavender oil reduced depression by 33% in people with PTSD! 

I make my own bedtime capsules that contain lavender. They are magical and most definitely make a difference to my getting to sleep and quality of sleep!

You can read more on lavender oil here.

lavender oil for fibromyalgia symptoms


 Cypress is another great oil for natural fibromyalgia relief. It can be applied topically and rubbed into muscles to ease muscle aches and pains. It also increases blood circulation which helps muscle repair faster.

Cypress is also an anti-spasmodic, it helps ease muscle spasms, cramps and strains. Great news for anyone wanting natural relief for fibromyalgia symptoms.

cypress natural fibromyalgia relief


Eucalyptus oil is a natural energiser boosting your alertness, energy and focus helping to ease symptoms of fibromyalgia, such as brain fog.

natural fibromyalgia relief eucalyptus

If you would like to try out any of the oils above, you can order pure therapeutic grade oils here.

Autoimmune disease

Fibromyalgia is likely to be an autoimmune disease according to research, (you can read more here).

Essential oils recommended for autoimmune disorders also have benefits to those with fibromyalgia.

Holy Basil

Holy basil has many health properties that will benefit fibro fighters. It lessens anxiety and stress and heightens mood.

Also been shown to improve memory and cognition, insomnia and migraines!

Reduces inflammation and boosts your immune system. Just some reasons to add Holy Basil to your day!

Holy Basil is an anticoagulant and should be avoided by those with clotting disorders. It is high in Eugenol and be used with caution for those with impaired liver function.

Roman chamomile

Roman chamomile is an oil useful to those with fibromyalgia as it helps relieve some symptoms including reducing stress anxiety and depression. Improves digestion and leaky gut. Promotes relaxation and restful sleep and also relieves nausea.

Roman chamomile is not recommended during pregnancy as it is an emmenagogue which stimulates blood flow in the pelvic area. It should not be used for longer than two weeks at a time.

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